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    Traveller Release Schedule 2023

    Any chance we can keep this thread to comments on release schedule and spin other conversations to their own threads?
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    The Trailing Frontier - Now on Pre-Order & PDF

    I find that admirable. Encourage the FLGS.
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    How Is Time Sync'd within the OTU

    Multichronometers, have both local time synced to the local system that is generally used when in system, and Imperial Standard Time. It's appeared in multiple supplements to date, but no Mongoose supplements yet as far as I'm aware.
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    Questions for Mongoose

    That was an FFE release, not a Mongoose Publishing product.
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    What’s a fresher?

    I find it is used in Japan, the over toilet sink and is pretty common, but you’re missing how it operates. The tap runs when the toilet is flushed and stops running when the tank is full. You don’t actually control the faucet directly like a regular tap, it just runs when it’s refilling the tank...
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    Traveller Release Schedule/New Books

    Ah that. Ta.
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    Traveller Release Schedule/New Books

    DriveThruRPG has forums?
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    Aliens of Charted Space Vol. 3 - Pre-Order & PDF

    The maintenance robot on page 133 is a tad on the nose as one of the robots in Silent Running. Close enough to be concerning.
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    Fusion+ Rules?

    If you're making everyone unhappy, then you're doing your job correctly :)
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    Fusion+ Rules?

    No I'm talking about the small man luggable portable (they could be as small as 10 litres) self contained Fusion+ (cold fusion) power systems that Zhunastu Industries developed just before the declaration of Empire and that they used to wow contacted planets with contained clean portable energy...
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    Fusion+ Rules?

    So I run a Milieu 0 campaign and I was looking through the books looking for rules on Fusion+ units as since my group are scouts the odds are they’ll have a couple portable units as bargaining and negotiation chips for contacting old worlds. However I can’t seem to locate anywhere with rules and...
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    Traveller Release Schedule/New Books

    Mine arrived in Canada on Monday.
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    Travellers Needed - The Future of Traveller

    Yeah I'm always unsure, and it depends on the culture to a large extent, but to what degree gravitics become integrated into construction once it's available.
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    Travellers Needed - The Future of Traveller

    Well MM did retcon it himself into something the Imperium knew about around the 5th century in Agent of the Imperium, but he also changed some of the nature of it. For what it's worth. (Mind you there are a lot of things in that book I'm not a fan of and aren't IMTU.)
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    Free Fantasy Grounds New Referee Class

    Will it be recorded? I'd love to join but unfortunately it actually clashes with my Traveller game on FG :)