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    Fusion+ Rules?

    If you're making everyone unhappy, then you're doing your job correctly :)
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    Fusion+ Rules?

    No I'm talking about the small man luggable portable (they could be as small as 10 litres) self contained Fusion+ (cold fusion) power systems that Zhunastu Industries developed just before the declaration of Empire and that they used to wow contacted planets with contained clean portable energy...
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    Fusion+ Rules?

    So I run a Milieu 0 campaign and I was looking through the books looking for rules on Fusion+ units as since my group are scouts the odds are they’ll have a couple portable units as bargaining and negotiation chips for contacting old worlds. However I can’t seem to locate anywhere with rules and...
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    Traveller Release Schedule/New Books

    Mine arrived in Canada on Monday.
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    Travellers Needed - The Future of Traveller

    Yeah I'm always unsure, and it depends on the culture to a large extent, but to what degree gravitics become integrated into construction once it's available.
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    Travellers Needed - The Future of Traveller

    Well MM did retcon it himself into something the Imperium knew about around the 5th century in Agent of the Imperium, but he also changed some of the nature of it. For what it's worth. (Mind you there are a lot of things in that book I'm not a fan of and aren't IMTU.)
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    Free Fantasy Grounds New Referee Class

    Will it be recorded? I'd love to join but unfortunately it actually clashes with my Traveller game on FG :)
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    Travellers Needed - The Future of Traveller

    I'd like to see something with a lot more detail on the Vegan Autonomous District and the Vegans in general. The treatment they get in the Aliens of Charted Space is extremely minimal. How about an entire book on Capital itself, again it's something that's had very minimal treatment in...
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    Deepnight Revelation - The Biologicals

    So I'm introducing some of Deepnight Revelation into my Milieu 0 campaign, and one of the aspects is the biologicals. However I'm not getting a full sense of how to run them and how they operate. So I'm starting a few questions here and am interested in hearing from others. So only actual...
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    State of the Mongoose 2021

    I'm glad knowledge of Pioneer is out there now. Been sitting on that morsel since you first mentioned it back in April at the Fantasy Grounds Traveller Symposium. Kinda surprised that wasn't picked up on more since the video was put up on YouTube. Actually thinking about it you may have...
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    Second Survey T5 PoD

    Where can I get this, I’ve actually not heard of it being complete?
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    Travellers Needed - The Future of Traveller

    Take a peek here: It looks like 3 Core Adventures are in the pipeline :) Doh, don't know how I missed then. I'll be quiet now.
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    Travellers Needed - The Future of Traveller

    Okay then :) How about a series of adventures set in the Core?
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    Travellers Needed - The Future of Traveller

    What about a book on the Core? Detailing Capital, the old Sylean worlds etc. We always explore the frontier, the border worlds and that kind of adventure, but the Core is the shining beacon of Imperial civilisation. Floating grav cities, nobles, corporate headquarters, higher general tech levels...