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    High Guard Update 2022 - Coming July 29th!

    I would love to see some clarification on modular hulls, particularly for adapting earlier materials to the new rules. A couple of specific things: - the rules say you can’t include structure options in a module, but the Ghalalk has armored bulkheads for its missile bays. I *think* what‘s...
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    The Robot Handbook is Here!

    p 62 has a somewhat cryptic line: "A weapon mounted in the robot’s torso may use any available Slots." What does this actually mean? (It feels like maybe something got changed in editing.) As far as I can tell from the example StarTek robot, the rules as intended are: 1. Installing a weapons...
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    The Robot Handbook is Here!

    I see what your intent was, and variance makes more sense. Or honestly, given the system you've described, combine them into one column, as in practice I'm not sure I'll ever need to consider them separately. I think this new chart is different from the final text, which is written from the...
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    The Robot Handbook is Here!

    Awesome book! I love how it presents a lot of interesting technologies that could actually change the setting, or provide opportunities for high tech worlds to be vastly different from each other. I'm looking forward to seeing the High Guard and CSC updates - hoping they've all been looked at...