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    2300AD Core Box Set - Now in Stock!

    Cool, when can we expect preorders of the physical box set to arrive?
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    2300AD: Aerospace Engineers' Handbook - eBook & Pre-Order

    Family owned and ran spaceships. Think nomadic spacers like space romany or something and you'll get the idea.
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    2300AD: Aerospace Engineers' Handbook - eBook & Pre-Order

    AH replaces HG for 2300AD in regards to starship and space station construction. 2300 has some significantly different tech assumptions compared to base Traveller and goes in to a lot more detail in regards to heat dissipation, sensor signature, reaction drives and power plants amongst other...
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    2300AD: Aerospace Engineers' Handbook - eBook & Pre-Order

    Couple of questions. 1. In page 16 it says the Nuclear OMS uses 0.00075% of hull tonnage per burn. In the example for the Kennedy on the next page that burns are equal to 0.01×hull which give vastly different results. And it uses different figures to measure the size of the thruster itself. 2%...
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    (2300AD) Check my "ship" design

    So, running through the Aerospace Engineers Book, I'm trying out the rules to build something "simple". An automated messenger drone that a ship can use to send a message back to civilisation with important data, requests for assistance or as a black box" accident record. Step 1 - Hull 10 tons...
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    Travellers Needed - The Future of Traveller

    Portable Web Apps that can run on any platform for ship/vehicle building and character creation. Take the one for Star Trek Adventures for example. Runs in the browser on my phone, my tablet and my Chromebook. Generates PDF sheets for starships, PCs and NPCs. Although, creating editable PDFs...
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    Energy-based / Non-corporeal Beings

    Are there any examples of energy-based, non-corporeal, pure psionic consciousness or other beings of an insubstantial or phased nature? In the mission the PCs in my game or on, they're about to run in to some rogue scientists meddling with things that man is not meant to meddle and who are about...
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    Official 2300AD Comments Thread

    Is there a reason why the new update to the poster map is missing some systems in the American Arm (bottom right) and Pentapod Space (Upper left). That said, I only just noticed when comparing the two version that the extra systems in the older version lacked distance measurements on the...
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    Official 2300AD Comments Thread

    How useful is the 1st edition sourcebook Tools for Frontier Living? Would it take much work to make it compatible with 2nd edition?
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    Official 2300AD Comments Thread

    I may have missed this is the book, but how much does it cost to send a message via mail ship (assuming they exist) across interstellar distances?
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    Official 2300AD Comments Thread

    Funny, I though I had the updated PDFs as Book 1 had the Core appendix on the end. It seems I forgot to download the updated map. Which does make the connections, or lack of in some cases, a little clearer.
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    Official 2300AD Comments Thread

    This is fantastic, I was thinking about doing something similar with a spreadsheet (assuming I could work out all the lookup stuff) but then I noticed that Book 2 only has the coords for systems with colonies, not outpost only and empty "link systems". But this handles the route-finding aspect...
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    Official 2300AD Comments Thread

    How are other people working out travel distances between systems? I'm torn between two options. Option 1 - Meh, good enough With the exception of the three systems linked to Sol on the map, roll 1d6+1 to determine the number of light years. The three distances to the systems linked to Sol on...
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    Traveller Release Schedule/New Books

    I'm eagerly looking forward to the Aerospace Engineers Handbook. I want to create a ship for my game but 2300AD ships seem so different from the ones in the corebook and some of the systems/features mentioned in the writeups don't have any information about them in Book 3. And I mean, looking...