New Item: Cosmetic Autodoc 30KCr

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New Item: Cosmetic Autodoc 30KCr

Postby CyborgPrime » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:43 pm

Here's a sneak peek of some content from my upcoming publication (enjoy!):


Any Drifters looking to make some side money? I just built this new Cosmetologist Autodoc and I need volunteers to test it. Who's first?

Cosmetic Autodoc (Cosmedoc)
The cosmedoc is a specialized autodoc meant to function as a barber, dentist, cosmetologist, and plastic surgeon. It’s extensive fashion database contains every known style of haircut, beard, piercing, tattoo, and makeup configuration. It can perform corrective eye surgery and change eye color. It also does face lifts, nose jobs, and so forth. If given a 3D model, the cosmedoc can reconfigure the patient’s facial structure to look like anybody. The cosmedoc can also remove wrinkles and scars.

The cosmedoc looks like an old-school beauty parlor hair drier that pulls down completely over the patient’s head. If the user doesn’t know what kind of haircut they want, they can ask the cosmedoc to analyze their face and make recommendations.

TL 11
DEX 18
END 18
INT 10
EDU 12
Hull 0
Struct 0 (any damage destroys the delicate cosmedoc)
Integral System (TL 11 medkit)
Specialized (+2) Computer Model 2
Intelligent Interface/1
Expert Medic/2
Expert Cosmetology/1
Haircut/makeup gives +1DM to SOC skills for 72 hours
Cosmetic optimization surgery gives +1DM to SOC skills for 1 month


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