Alliance questions?

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Alliance questions?

Postby JMISBEST » Fri Jul 28, 2017 5:05 pm

A friend of mine wants to know the following. For the benefit of A Star Wars and Traveller RPG under what circumstances would A Sith that has turned good work together with a renegade Jedi who is only misguided not evil on a mission that will benefit both of them

Here's mine

Under what circumstances will 2 rivals work together against a common enemy, 2 enemies work together against a foe or threat they definitely can't individually beat and likely can't individually survive against and under what circumstances would a Naval pirate hunter work with A Very greater pirate admiral against a mutual threat to their interests in the Trojan reach

On A Australian Themed World which you can't go to if you have certain convictions can the customs guy in charge of the case let a guy with drug possession charges through if he knew the guy years ago and knows that the guy took the rap for his identical twin to allow his twin to fulfil his ambition of joining The Police and if another customs guy knows that 1 immigrant is guilty to mental abuse of 14 year-olds that he was supposed to care, but was never even let alone convicted can he use his knowledge that the guy is a unconvicted child abuser to stop him enterrimg

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