[Freelance Traveller] New Feature Idea - Please Help

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[Freelance Traveller] New Feature Idea - Please Help

Postby FreeTrav » Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:19 pm

It's not a spoiler to tell you that the forthcoming issue of Freelance Traveller will feature three articles by Timothy Collinson, based on the premise of converting a literary fictional character into a Traveller character.

This effort was well-enough done that I am specifically and publicly asking him to consider choosing other fictional characters - from all genres and metagenres - and working them up in much the same fashion.

I am further inviting other members of the Traveller community to do the same: Pick a character from stories you've enjoyed, whatever the genre or metagenre, that you've thought would make a good Traveller character, and work them up as one. If you need to work up a new career, by all means, go for it, and some adventures or adventure seeds, possibly but not necessarily based on the fiction that the character appears in, would certainly not go amiss.

When I say any genre or metagenre, I mean it. If you think you can do up early Jack Ryan, that's great. James Bond? Go for it! Nile Etlaw, Trigger Argee, Danestar Gems, Telzey Amberdon, ...? Fine! Paksenarrion Dorthansdottir, Lessa, or Kylara Vatta? Why not? Jason Bourne? Simon Templar? Sure! Frank and Joe Hardy? Tom Swift (Sr., Jr., or III)? They're fair game, too - and I'm sure you can think of others. As Nike, Inc., says in their ads, Just Do It! Then, send 'em in! If I get enough, and can think of a good name for the section (or get a suggestion I like), they'll even get their own heading at/in Freelance Traveller (if I can't think of a good name and don't get any good suggestions, they'll still show up, but under the existing Up Close and Personal, Doing It My Way, and Active Measures sections).
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