How to describe his holdings?

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How to describe his holdings?

Postby JMISBEST » Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:45 am

How do I describe in terms the players can relate to The Holdings of The 1st born Son of the head of A Minor Clan whose family holdings netted him Social Scale and Territory 8, who rose to Social Scale 12 and Territory 15 in his ceremonial career thanks to reaching Rank 4 and 2 5's on Personal development and A 9, A 11 and passing A 8+ Diplomat+Social Roll on 2D6+3 with A 12 or 4 after rolling A 4 on Life Event then to Social Scale 14 and Territory 17 after rolling 2 4's and A 6 on Benefits and then to Social Scale 14 and Territory 20 after trading in 9 Clan Shares or 5 from A Event Roll of 3+5 and 4 for A Benefit roll of A 6

If you want it in brief how do I describe the personal, not total, holdings of A Aslan Head of The Most Powerful Minor Clan in The Modern Day Hierate who started as A Social Scale and Territory both of 8 head of A Minor Family in The Clan retired after The 6 term career that was the best, most rewarding, most beneficial and most famous 6 term Aslan Career in Aslan History and due to him ending with Social Scale 14 and Territory 20 was named by The Childless former Clan Head to be The New Clan Head
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Re: How to describe his holdings?

Postby ShawnDriscoll » Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:31 am

Just say that the character had lucky rolls, is all. Or the character is faking their identity just to be on some dating show with other celebrities. And no, the celebrity NPCs should not then be also fudging their die rolls.
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Re: How to describe his holdings?

Postby RogerMc » Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:16 am

It is the same problem as how do you define the holdings of a Soc 12 human noble with the title of Baron when Barons are supposed to be the neo-feudal overlords of a minor planet?

At least one of the Mongoose Traveller 1st edition books did have a go at this as God help us does Traveller 5.

Quick answer is you can't and nobles with important titles and major land holdings should own starships and not wander around adventuring on them.

Re Aslan the 1st edition book has:
Land:This option can only be taken by a male Aslan with a Social
Standing of 9 or more. The character receives a landhold. Owning
lands is the dream of all Aslan males, the chief ambition which drives
them. For game purposes, however, a character with a landhold
makes a poor adventurer, since the administration of that land will
occupy his time almost exclusively. See page 40 for a discussion of
land and adventuring.

To determine the landholding’s quality and size, first select or
generate the world where the landhold is located (see the Worlds
chapter on page 151). The size of the holding on that world is then
determined based on the number of Clan Shares invested in the
holding. Three Clan Shares gives +1 Territory. See page 41 for a
discussion of Territory.

There is usually a delay before a landholding can be claimed,
either roll 1d6+4 to determine the number of years, –1 year per
Clan Share spent to reduce the delay or have the Referee choose.
When that time has passed, the Aslan must return to claim his
landhold. Independence 3 or more allows the choice of continuing
to adventure instead (a male relative is appointed to administer the
land in his name).

Page 40 has a lengthy discussion of Land (which I hope makes it into the Drinax Companion) and a table with this for TER 15:

15 +3 Clan head Multiple worlds.

So your character is the equivalent of an Imperial duke with a domain ruling possibly billions and almost certainly many millions of Aslan, vast wealth, his own navy etc etc...

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