Paranoia Players Handbook - Now Available Separately (for a while)

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Paranoia Players Handbook - Now Available Separately (for a while)

Postby msprange » Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:01 pm

Welcome to Alpha Complex! Welcome to the ranks of the Troubleshooters! Welcome to Paranoia!

As a Troubleshooter, you are a member of Alpha Complex’s most expendable elite force. Tasked with finding trouble and shooting it, you will be hunting mutants, terrorists, traitors, [CLASSIFIED], secret societies, renegade bots, and DAIVs, which are [REDACTED]. You’ll save Alpha Complex from its greatest threat, unless you accidentally become Alpha Complex’s greatest threat.

Not enough Players Handbooks around your table? Troubleshooters causing trouble and shooting one another as they fight to gain access to the beloved Computer's wisdom? Fret no more, as a limited supply of Players Handbooks are nbow available for your lucky players!

Grab your own copy here: ... dbook.html

Matthew Sprange

Mongoose Publishing

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