Any chance?

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Any chance?

Postby JMISBEST » Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:53 pm

Hi I have 2 things I would like

1st off blueprints in Pirates of Drinax 2nd edition for A old Kingdom Of Drinax style Frigate that I would estimate at around 2,300 with some Fighters and 1 or 2 light weaponry to allow the original kingdoms ships to try at least try to take criminal targets alive for trial, even if it may only be a rigged mock-trial

The 2nd is Blueprints for The Wyvern mentioned in Adventure 5 that I would estimate at around 1,200 tons and with weapons and armour that was very heavy for its size and the century it was buid in, but only slightly above average in The 1,100's

Those are 2 new ships I would like in Pirates Of Drinax 2nd edition, also maybe have The Charaters stumble across misjump and final the misjmped Wyvern of Admiral Peras from Adventure 5 and how about some costs, time, labour and materials for getting The Space Stationand its shipyard, that could buid 2,300 ton ships and has The Frigates Blueprints so Drinax and the characters can buikd some, up and running and getting the 2 stripped bare harriers working again

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