Experiences with Drinax

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Re: Experiences with Drinax

Postby Synther » Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:42 pm

Well, I was successful and may have created a monster. My wife, who is very sweet and wouldn't hurt a fly in real life, is the captain of our little group. She succeeded in negotiating a deal with Hroal Irontooth and Petyr Vallis to join her own small pirate fleet and openly attack a GeDeCo trade convoy. Then, once they had actually won the fight and boarded a Fer-de-lance class Destroyer Escort, she ended up shooting Irontooth in the face with her Gauss Pistol just to prove a point that he's not in charge. Then proceeded to take over his fleet and add it to her own before attacking a GeDeCo science outpost, looting it, and setting off a nuke on the planet.

I'm quite proud.
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