Age of Dreadnoughts rule clarification needed

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Age of Dreadnoughts rule clarification needed

Postby psminson » Mon May 16, 2016 4:51 am

Our game group just did a 100th anniversary Jutland game in 1:6000 scale (which thanks to the pre-game map manuevering turned out really to be the Second Battle of Dogger Bank, as that's where the two fleets finally made contact in a chaotic night battle), and a question came up. For the guns under 6" and weak guns, the rules state a natural '6' is a hit at under 10" range. We're not sure how to apply that. For extreme cases where the final hit number would otherwise go above 6+ (i.e., 6" secondaries firing at night at an enemy destroyer already fired on by others), does that rule mean that the hit number never goes above 6+ so the dice are not halved at all, or does it mean that the firing vessel will get 1 die that hits on a '6' even if otherwise the halving would reduce the AD to zero? For example. suppose you have 2 attack dice of a regular crewed cruiser's secondaries firing at a destroyer under 10" range at night, and this is the second ship to fire at that destroyer. So base hit number gets +1 for night, and +1 for the target already being fired at this turn, giving an 8+ hit number. Ordinarily, that would mean that the attack dice would be halved twice, going to half a die which would round down to no attack dice. How many attack dice should the secondaries actually get?

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