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Re: RPG Suite

Postby snrdg121408 » Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:43 pm

Hello akalrs,
akalrs wrote:On my Mac the tool use an insane amount of CPU just to show the main menu. This makes my laptop unbearable hot in a short time. I have discovered that if I use a program called cputhrottle I can limit the CPU usage. By limiting it to 60% it still runs at acceptable speed with out making my laptop overheat. I have reported the problem to the developers, but wanted to share the workaround if anyone else is having the same problem.
Not having a laptop, MAC or otherwise, I do not think over-heating will be a problem. The high CPU usage may be an issue though. Thank you for the feedback.
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Re: RPG Suite

Postby JRoss » Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:05 am

Drains my laptop battery fast. Very fun to use, though.
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Re: RPG Suite

Postby akalrs » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:25 am

akalrs wrote: Not having a laptop, MAC or otherwise, I do not think over-heating will be a problem. The high CPU usage may be an issue though. Thank you for the feedback.
Tried it on my stationary Mac too, same problem. The stationary mac has a dualboot with windows. So on the exact same hardware it use 16% CPU on Windows and 99% on Mac.
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Re: RPG Suite

Postby rpgsuite » Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:31 am

RPGsuite Status Update
April 2016

Howdy all,
Thanks for all the feedback and interest! I saw that there were some new questions and a lots changed since the initial release so I wanted to catch folks up.

  • We just released version 2.65 of both the Digital Character Sheet (DCS) and the Traveller Character Generator (TCG). The changes since the initial version are very extensive. For an exhaustive list, take a look at http://rpgsuite.com/download/#latestupdates
  • You can log in with either your account name, or the e-mail address you signed up with.
  • RPGSuite has simplified the way you get our software, and it auto updates!
  • You can now reload completed characters in the TCG
  • Both BW & Color Character sheets are generated by the TCG
  • We've begun deploying high resolution avatars, starting with the Psion, and improved the lighting on the Career Screen in the TCG.
  • What is the status of Starship Architect, the software which allows you to design and build a starship?
  • We have begun work on this project, but it will be some time before it can be released. We are in discussions both with Mongoose and Marc Miller regarding it's development.
  • It is likely we will be coordinating a Kick Starter for it.
  • The TCG takes up a large amount of CPU on my Mac
  • We continue to work this issue, and feel that it may be an interaction between our 3d Engine and a particular version of Mac OS.
  • If you are having this issue, please let us know! Most Macs show about 20% loading or less and we're having difficulty recreating this. Any help is appreciated. support@rpgsuite.zendesk.com
  • Can we enter custom Homeworlds?
  • Not yet, but its in the hopper.
  • We are likely to make good on custom skills and equipment for the DCS first.
  • You can enter custom worlds in journal entries within the DCS.
  • I have a question about your software, where can I get it answered?
  • Absolutely! You can take a look at http://rpgsuite.zendesk.com
  • You can contact us directly at support@rpgsuite.zendesk.com or support@rpgsuite.com
  • We will get back to you as quickly as we can, usually within one business day.
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Re: RPG Suite

Postby rwglaub » Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:16 pm

anari wrote:Hi,
This is Noah from RPGsuite. I've applied to mongoose for an RPGsuite account to answer questions here on the forum, but it's still pending. In the meantime, I'm using my personal account to answer some of the questions that you guys have.

First, thank you all very much for your feedback. It's been extraordinarily helpful, please keep it coming!

I've got a couple of pieces of good news for you. First there is a new build available, as part of our continuous improvement process. You can obtain it by logging in to RPGsuite, clicking on My Account, scrolling down to Available Downloads and clicking on the appropriate link for your platform. The current release addresses several things that were in Shawn's video including:

* You can now log in with the email address you signed up to RPGsuite with in addition to your account name
* TCG: Ensuring that Basic Training Skills for your second and subsequent career are clearly indicated at level 0, rather than +1
* TCG: It no longer rolls qualification for careers that your character has 100% chance to qualify for.
* TCG: When aging it informs you that all three of your physical stats have been reduced in cases where you lose points from Dex, Str, and End rather than making you select all 3 individually
* DCS: Issues where some users couldn't seem to purchase or equip equipment have been resolved
* DCS: When using the generic ROLL features, bonuses (or penalties) from stats you drag in are now correctly calculated
* Bug fixes for downloads and initially log in to expedite the process and ensure completion have gone in.

To answer some specific questions, No, you don't have to be online to use the product. You just have to login the initially time to download any material you've purchased.
@Nerhesi download the latest version and see if this addresses your issue.
We continue to work to improve the speed to the UK, Europe, and Australia.
We do have higher poly count Avatars we'd like to integrate. The current ones are "lower res" because we were trying to ensure that lower end platforms would still be performant.
First of all, provide downloadable and printable instructions. I'm tired of this crap of 'just watch the video'. There are a lot of people out there who do better with written instructions that they can refer to rather than constantly having to go back to a video.

How do I load characters from the TCG to the DCS?

I want to use RPGSuite as a DM? Is that possible? I want to be able to put in characters that people role up themselves. I need to be able to manipulate the system so that I can just enter character states, equipment, skills, etc. Is there a way to do that?
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Re: RPG Suite

Postby TrippyHippy » Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:40 pm

I'm just a customer, but the downloading process essentially just amounts to clicking on download buttons and waiting. Once loaded, characters automatically transfer to the character sheet and are held in a memory bank online and on your machine.

The last line is a good thing to suggest, and hopefully RPGSuite will take not. In practice, our group likes to mix up electronic and P&P use - and the character sheet could be more readily workable through iPad/iphone apps anyway. I suspect they are working towards this, but the software for spaceships is possibly the main priority currently.
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Re: RPG Suite

Postby bluekieran » Wed May 24, 2017 3:41 pm

I've just given this a try, it's kinda cool but a bit buggy in places. It doesn't seem to count ship shares (Just leaves it at 0 regardless of how many you get), It counts losing SOC during an event as an injury that can be healed, and it doesn't quite display skills in the 2e "specialisation" format (which also means you can choose a specialisation as a level 0 skill...). And oddly, the "close" button doesn't work when you're finished.

Also, disappointingly, it only allows you to edit your characteristic scores after you get your starting skills (the number of which you get is based off your EDU). I've already allowed my players to roll up their scores on dice, so it makes it that much less likely I'll actually use it at the table. Certainly we'll end up transcribing to paper in the end anyway.

I'll certainly keep using it to play the character creation game on my own, though! :)

Edit: the skills format issue also means you might end up gaining a skill at 1 in basic training :/

Edit2: Also, it seems to (sometimes?) give you the wrong Basic Training - Assignment skills rather than Service Skills.
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Re: RPG Suite

Postby Bravesteel » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:54 pm

Very cool! I'm putting this on my wish list (birthday on July 25th!) I made a quick Marine character, everything worked well, but when the skill Military is gained it does not prompt for a sub-set of the skill to be chosen.

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