Adventurers Journa 2: Holy Fount now for sale!

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Adventurers Journa 2: Holy Fount now for sale!

Postby auyl » Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:40 am

Check out this new product by Solace Games!

Adventurers encounter all kinds of strange and wonderful things.

In this supplement adventurers will discover the mystery and serenity of the holy fount. Receive 11 different blessings and 11 different holy items to help you in your war against evil. Along with 7 new divine spells and 5 new heroic abilities.

Take up the cause of goodness with new backgrounds such as the Parishioner and Puritan and 3 new professions including the Confessor, Mediator and Missionary.

Or maybe you'll have an encounter with the white stag, the very manifestation of the godly power of the fount that protects it against evil.

Also included is a new cult: The Order of the White Stag who direct and guide new supplicants that want to be blessed in this holy place.

Come and enjoy the serenity of the holy fount today!

Nine pages of gaming information for just $1 USD. Get it here!
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