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Re: Second Edition - Comments Wanted!

Postby Condottiere » Tue Feb 11, 2014 8:09 pm

1. So Mercenary is the book to be dissected first, before it can be petrified.

2. As regards High Guard, the capital ship bridge also needs a tighter definition, since the wording implies you actually only need point five percent to control it, and while the other modules are constructed, you could interpret it as they could be used for other purposes, such as flag, back-up, and/or damage control. And then whether they could be placed randomly around the ship, or have to be centralized together.
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Re: Second Edition - Comments Wanted!

Postby Egil Skallagrimsson » Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:47 pm

mr31337 wrote:Yes, with CSC & Robot as highest priority. Fix armour and weapon inconsistencies as has been said many times. Weapons and armour are fundamental to almost all rpg's. Slots for robots and the various frame types & add-ons needs an overhaul, it's almost impossible to build commonly accepted Traveller robots or indeed even today's TL7-8 robots.

High Guard isn't as much of a priority, most of it works just fine (yes a 2nd Ed would still be nice). Vehicles is probably more urgent, most of that is borked, especially the core concept of the badly defined "spaces". Traveller players prefer plausible, considered, consistent absolutes to vagaries as far as possible. :wink:
I've been grumbling on about CSC for years now, and the only way I could get Robots to work was to ignore it and write house rules, but as we mainly play 3I, and the Robots book is orientated towards some more generic, but definitely Robot-centric universe, that is not a problem.

However, don't agree about Vehicles. It's already on its second edition, which is much better than the first, and much more playable, the "spaces" may be inelegant, but work well in practice.

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