B5 fleet for sale

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B5 fleet for sale

Postby Kosh127 » Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:29 am

here is a link
http://www.bartertown.com/trading/viewt ... 0&t=116959

and here is some of the stuff
Babylon 5- Dilgar
all unbuilt
1 Tikrit
1 Wahant
8 Jashakar
1 Garasoch
12 Thorun Dartfighters
2 Rohric
2 Omelos
2 Targrath
3 Ochlavita
2nd edition rules and fleet book-pages only
1st edition Sky Full of Stars
1st edition Armageddon
1st edition Drakh
Token set- targets, special orders, damage
Fire Arc/Turn wheel

War Level Ships.
Octurion-class battleship x1 (assembled/painted)
Battle Level Ships.
Liati-class advanced cruiser x1 (assembled/painted
Dargan-class strike cruiser x 3 (2 painted/1 missing a fin)
Primus-class battle cruiser x 4 (3 assembled/2 painted/1 unbuilt)
Raid Level Ships.
Altarian-class destroyer x 4 (2 assembled/2 painted)
Centurion-class attack cruiser x3 (2 unassembled/1 painted)
Balvarin-class carrier x 1(painted)
Sulust-class escort destroyer x 2 (painted)
Skirmish level ships.
Corvan-class scout x 1 (painted)
Dakner-class fast attack frigate x 6 (2 painted/4 unassembled)
Morgrath-class frigate x 1 (painted)
Maximus-class frigate x 2 (painted)
Vorchan-class warship x 7 (3 painted/2 assembled/3 unassembled)
Patrol-level ships.
Kutai-class gunboat x 2 (painted)

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Postby Mean Mutton » Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:56 pm

How much do you want for the Dilgar ships? Also, can you please provide a pic of the painted ships?
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Postby kai_askani » Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:18 pm

pm sent :P !

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