Traveller Wishlists for 2015

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Re: Traveller Wishlists for 2015

Postby Infojunky » Thu Mar 19, 2015 6:32 am

Rick wrote: I think Mongoose already have a very good platform for Striker III - namely the Bf:Evo/Starship Troopers rule set - I think it would be an excellent fit and a great addition to the Traveller line. Develop the rules in-house and talk to GZG for the miniatures, what's not to like?
Yah, Know after my earlier post I was thinking the same thing. A fair number of people like the Battlefield Evolution rules set, enough to to do a WW2 mod of it.

As for Stargrunt I spent a fair amount of time Tinkering with the expanded RPG/Skirmish rules set that Languished in Playtest for years, I like the dice mechanics, but the funny dice don't mesh with a lot of peoples vision of Traveller.

Re: Traveller Wishlists for 2015

Postby hiro » Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:45 am

Ok, as it seems likely that some of the stuff on this thread is soon to see the light of day, how about we dig it up and see if/how people's wish lists have evolved?
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Re: Traveller Wishlists for 2015

Postby TrippyHippy » Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:08 pm

OK, so I wished for this….
TrippyHippy wrote:As it says above: Here are mine (add yours too!):

1) Book 12 - Transhuman/Supplement 17 - Transhuman - A generic sourcebook for integrating Transhuman themes and concepts into your Traveller games.

2) Official Traveller App(s) to generate characters, worlds, ships, etc.

3) Official Traveller Wargames/miniatures.

4) Deluxe Traveller - Kickstarter campaign to get a core rules book that includes more comprehensive options (e.g. d66 tables for events and mishaps in chargen, more rules options from Books and Supplements) and an art/layout review (full colour? binding? box set? leather? big book/little book? etc).

6) A drive towards getting more OTU Alien books available.

7) More short, generic setting books - like Cowboys and Xenomorphs. There could be one done for WW2 pretty swiftly, and (old style) Pirates.
There seems to be electronic support on it’s way, and a new edition. So all of these things may still be on the table, but nothing has been formally announced yet.

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