Supplement 14: Space Stations - Now on Drivethru!

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Re: Supplement 14: Space Stations - Now on Drivethru!

Postby phavoc » Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:09 am

Got my hard copy today (it's not available via Bits and Mortar... :x). I wrote up my own review, but put it in a separate thread.

Yeah, I'm waiting to see if the pdf version fixes some things, too.
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Re: Supplement 14: Space Stations - Now on Drivethru!

Postby SMetze » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:12 am

Yeah I gotta say I was overall a little disappointed with this book.

For example, HG says 100,000 tons might be a very modest Space Station, and yet, the be all end all of space station books maxes out at 10,000 tons in the examples.

I was hoping to get a feel for how to do combat against something with say 60,000-70,000 hull points, and the weird System Damage rules seem to treat all levels of damage the same.

I was also hoping to get more of a feel for life on a station, what might differentiate a class A from a class B other than the obvious, and personalities, if you will, of stations.

I did like the descriptions of some of the stations, and the ideas of different types of Naval and Civilian and Scout etc. bases were nice, and the idea of so many multiple stations in one system had (duh) never actually occurred to me, so that was some help there too, but end the end I wasn't sure how the value of this book compared with HG, which in contrast was an awesome book, obviously.
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Re: Supplement 14: Space Stations - Now on Drivethru!

Postby alex_greene » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:10 am

This was Mongoose's first foray into space station territory. Second Edition High Guard has refined on this somewhat, and more: it has established that space station design is as important as ship design in the core rules for Second Edition Traveller.

As for the feel of what life is like on a station, that still seems to be the Referees' job.
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Re: Supplement 14: Space Stations - Now on Drivethru!

Postby steve98052 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:14 am

alex_greene wrote:
Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:02 pm
Naturally, the size of the station does not have any limit - so it is entirely possible for a TL 15 space station to be built entirely circling its homeworld, even encasing it in a cage with the planet visibly spinning away inside it and vast regions to explore - the stationary polar command area, for instance, being a region the size of Wales, and the equatorial spaceport area with berths for literally thousands of ships of all sizes.
Something like this appears in the classic Arthur C Clarke novel The Fountains of Paradise. I don't think that the following includes any real spoilers, but consider yourself cautioned.

A prologue features a story from the ancient history of Sri Lanka, where Clarke lived for many years late in life.

The main story is an adventure set in the near future, during the construction of Earth's space elevator. (The base of the elevator is in Sri Lanka, while is on the equator in the book; in real life it's a bit north of the equator.)

An epilog is set in the distant future, perhaps as far in time from the present as the prologue is in the past. In the epilog the small geosynchronous station between the downport and the counterweight has been expanded to a complete ring some 132000 km in circumference.

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