[Freelance Traveller] May 2014 Now Available for Download

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[Freelance Traveller] May 2014 Now Available for Download

Postby FreeTrav » Sun May 11, 2014 4:23 pm

The May 2014 issue of Freelance Traveller magazine is ready for download!

This month's featured adventure is "The Sounding", by Michael Brown. The PCs are hired for an oceanic "cattle roundup" and encounter trouble on the "trail" and a dark secret.

The rest of the 30-page issue is the usual assortment of reviews, house rules, columns, and stories for your enjoyment.

We acknowledge this month's article selection as being a touch thin; please read "From the Editor" for an explanation.

Download this issue from the usual place:
Jeff Zeitlin
Editor, Freelance Traveller
The Electronic Fan-Supported Traveller® Magazine and Resource

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