Watchdog Picket from T&G

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Watchdog Picket from T&G

Postby dagrillac » Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:10 pm


does anyone know what the correct stats are for the Watchdog Picket, so I can actually use it as intended in Pirates of Deneb.

I'm tempted to drop the extended array & half the armour for starters, but I don't want to cut anything vital to fit it into 500 tons.

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Re: Watchdog Picket from T&G

Postby ieqo » Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:03 am

Not a fan of those cramped halfsize staterooms, eh? :-)

Looking at it, I'd say don't touch the extended array; sensors are the thing's mission, after all. You can free up tonnage by fully compacting the M-drive (since it is a TL13 ship), and dump the low berths (pickets don't take prisoners and since they don't stand and fight, a frozen watch crew is likewise naff). Those two adjustments make up 9.5 tons of the defecit...

As for the rest... Ouch. No perfect solution. One *could* argue that with the solar panel, you could safely lose some plant fuel. But I hate that. Recon drones are also mission-essential...

I'd say your best bet is streamline the ship and lose the gig. It isn't required for the mission profile.

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