Who actually wears combat armour?

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Re: Who actually wears combat armour?

Postby Sturn » Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:58 pm

To answer the OP:

Your mother wears combat armor.
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Re: Who actually wears combat armour?

Postby Jame Rowe » Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:16 pm

IMTU? Army that's TL 11 or Pop 7 plus (though I'd generally retcon pop 7 worlds to be TL 9 - 12 anyways) and all non-battledress Marines.

AndrewW wrote:
Sturn wrote:The definition of Flyer (grav) specifies it's used for "air/rafts" and such, while also stating, "Flyers only work in an atmosphere; vehicles that can leave the atmosphere and enter orbit generally use the Pilot skill." Enclosed Air/Rafts can can enter orbit and dock with their Scout ship, at least that is the way I've always used them. They just can't leave orbit.
An Air/Raft doesn't have to be enclosed to leave atmospher. Vacc suits could be used.
I leave Air/Rafts as a subset of Flyer skill as it's intended to be used on-planet (I will count airless rocks of pebble-sized to asteroid sized to moon sized on up as planets for the sake of being without an argument). If you wanted to change it to Pilot then, *to* *me*, you would have to include planes, helicopters and such to Pilot and remove Flyer skill entirely. YMMV of course.

As a side note, IMTU the Air/Raft comes enclosed as standard, just as most real-world cars are enclosed.
Sealing costs extra unless the specific individual 'Raft "came with" a spaceship.

Finally ...
Sturn wrote:To answer the OP:

Your mother wears combat armor.
I didn't know you were his mother. :twisted:
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