Particle Beams, Pulse Lasers and Beam Lasers

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Postby AndrewW » Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:32 pm

alex_greene wrote:
AndrewW wrote:But yes radiation shielding is common in the Darrian ships.
Seeing as radiation reduced their society's TL from 16 to near zero in an hour, yeah ... I imagine rad shielding would be common.
Well, took a lot more then an hour by the time it reached out to further colonies.
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Postby Solomani666 » Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:13 pm

On a different tack, I don't understand why the pulse laser and beam laser stats from the core rule book were modified in HG. Tried using the HG changes for a while, and have now (MTU) gone back to the core rulebook. What was the thinking behind the change?

This is more on par with Classic Traveller and makes sense.

A pulse laser delivers all of it's energy in a single pulse which will strike a single point on the hull. The short burst is hit or miss, hence the -2 to hit.

A beam laser is a continuous beam, (IMTU for around 10 seconds) The idea is to try to keep the beam in one spot so it burns through the hull at some point. Since its damage is spread over a larger area of the hull it does less damage to the ship.


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