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Postby -Daniel- » Wed Feb 06, 2008 12:53 am

Sturn wrote:
dafrca wrote:I believe that if you speak to those who have fired a real RL (AT-4 for example) and not some Airsoft thing, you will find there is a recoil effect regardless of the backblast.

I've fired only an AT-4, but it seems a classic example. Not recoil like a rifle (backward pressure), but it gives more of a jerk, the "lurch" described above is probably the best way to describe it. Not true recoil, bu it would have the same effect (delaying your next shot to re-aim if you happened to have an automatic rocket launcher :) )

In MGT rules, I would agree with having some recoil points, just not necessarily as high as 6.
Yes, you discribe it the same way I would, but without a better word I think Recoil is an OK word to use.

I also agree 6 is too high, just I do not think it should be zero either.

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Postby Deniable » Wed Feb 06, 2008 2:07 am

That was my original point. Six is high but to me zero means someone with a -2 strength should be able to fire it with no effects at all. This video might be an example of the end result.

A nice quote from the AT4 field manual: "When firing the M136 AT4, do not place your eye within 2 1/2 inches of the rear sight. The AT4s recoil could cause the rear sight to injure your firing eye." Ouch!
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Postby Settembrini » Wed Feb 06, 2008 9:42 am

That´s the stuff I´m talking about: ... re=related

Anyway, the point stands that I have a big problem with "recoil" hindering me from taking ANY combat actions. That´s just not how it works.

Also, how in hell would strength help you? If you are pressing against the weapon, you´ll have problems.

EDIT: Here´s a better look at the AT4 in action. Beats me why this is any different from firing anything else. The GI surely can act immedeately afterwards, no waiting time involved. ... re=related
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Postby Sturn » Wed Feb 06, 2008 1:38 pm

Settembrini wrote:Anyway, the point stands that I have a big problem with "recoil" hindering me from taking ANY combat actions. That´s just not how it works.
But here are the things that recoil does not really hinder you from doing (they don't take a combat action, you don't need an Initiative of 6, just a tick or two): most only require 1 tick

Stand Up
Go Prone
Draw a Weapon
Reload a Weapon

Here is what you can't do if your recoil reduces your Initiative below 4 (if you have an Initiative of 4+, during the next round you will get an Initiative of 6 - if you don't use any ticks - and thus get a combat action):

Action Move

See my point? Recoil should reduce your time between shots as you have to reacquire and reaim. The only thing that recoil hinders as part of your argument that might not make sense is a move as part of a combat action.

Even after firing a weapon with a huge amount of recoil, you will still have at least one tick of initiative during the next round which will allow you to perform most of the non-combat actions. Recoil actually doesn't prevent you from doing much during the next round, just a few things like reload a big weapon, fire your weapon again, or make a combat action move, and then only sometimes (see next paragraph).

With a good timing die and a weapon with average recoil, you even stand a good chance of getting a combat action during the next round. I'm firing an Assault Rifle, a commonly selected weapon, with a recoil of 2. If my timing die is 4, 5, or 6 (that's half of the possible results on a d6), I will be able to take a combat action during the next round if I choose (by not using any ticks for the movement phase or reactions).

Recoil isn't as hindering as it may appear at first. While I agree that real world recoil doesn't prevent a person from doing much except make you unable to fire off repetitive accurate rounds as quickly, it still makes a somewhat realistic and fun mechanic. If you look at the big picture, the Mongoose rules makes the person with the big honking weapon unable to fire it quite as often as the person with a tiny pea shooter. That IS a difference I want, even if it isn't 100% realistic, it's at least in the ballpark, which is very reasonable in a pencil and paper RPG.

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