Question for the VTT folks

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Question for the VTT folks

Postby OrdosMalleus » Wed Sep 22, 2021 11:31 am

I run my 2e game on Roll20 and now that we've gotten things sort of established (12 sessions in), I'd like to expend a little effort on making the visuals a bit nicer. Does anyone have any recommendations for tokens or map art for making things like deck plans, landing bays in a starport, space cantinas, the surface of an alien planet, etc.? Ideally, they would be relatively modular so I could re-use and customize things. I'm reasonable with GIMP for making graphics, but I'm no artist and can't draw for squat.
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Re: Question for the VTT folks

Postby cunningrat » Wed Sep 22, 2021 1:53 pm

Token Tool from works wonders for tokens. They have a tool called MapTool as well, but I haven't played with it.

For maps and deck plans, I generally use Campaign Cartographer 3 with the Cosmographer plugin. I absolutely love the results (see link below for my version of the Harrier -- PDF but can be exported as PNG), but CC3 is not cheap and has a very steep learning curve. ... sp=sharing (zoom in for maximum detail)
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Re: Question for the VTT folks

Postby Lurking Grue » Mon Sep 27, 2021 11:59 am

For tokens, there is a great online token creator that I use for my VTT tokens. You just drop in your image, customize it with given options and it's done. Here's the address:

For maps, I just do google image searches. There are a ton of maps for VTTs already floating around. However, I mostly do theater of mind and use maps only as a last resort and/or for complex battles. For the most part I only use mood setting background images. It's a matter of play style, of course, but I've found that having a map easily locks players into "boardgame mode", where they act like they are moving pieces on a board, which IMHO detracts from the roleplaying experience. YMMV, naturally.

If you really want to draw your own maps, there are several dungeon mappers online which can be used for sci-fi as well. They are bare-bones, but have served me well enough. Just google e.g."dungeon mapper" and you'll find several. I generally don't want to spend hours doing maps, I like to use that time prepping the game in other ways. And as my players do not expect eye candy from battle maps (thankfully), those simple dungeon mappers are what I use if I need a battle map if I don't find a suitable ready-made one from the Net.

PS. The character sheets for Traveller on Roll20 are in dire need re-doing, they are quite primitive. They will do in a pinch, sure, but it would be glorious if someone would re-work them into something more modern and easier on the eyes. I have no coding skills, so I can't do it, sadly.

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