The Blobs of Querion (Azhanti High Lightning)

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The Blobs of Querion (Azhanti High Lightning)

Postby The Vrusk » Thu Dec 17, 2020 9:53 pm

Falling back in love with Traveller after many years of an affair with Savage Worlds. So, i am daydreaming and musing of the day when things are normal and I can run convention games, and on top of the list is a rousing game of Azhanti High Lightning using MGT2 rules for "Incident V - Dead Ship." Yep, a bunch of greedy bastards ... ahem ... salvagers enter the Haunting Thunder, now a derelict floating in the ammonia seas of a Querion gas giant. They hope to recover a prototype xxx.


So let's get down to the fun of it ... (please evaluate and critique kindly):

Native life in the Querion gas giant.
Hits: 21
Speed: 1m
Skills: Athletics (strength) 1, Athletics (dexterity) 1, Recon 1, Stealth 2, Survival 2,
Attacks: 2D (grappling crush)
Traits: Large (+1), Dispersed (incoming damage dice d3), Strange, Floater, Vulnerable to explosives (double damage)
Behavior: Killer (flee 2-, attack 6+)
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