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Re: K'Kree book

Postby GypsyComet » Sat Oct 31, 2020 2:51 am

K'kree space is in four different conditions at the moment. Draft (including one blank and several placeholders); generated like any other corner of the map (the core-spin edge and Outpost); generated per the CT K'kree book modified process (Lure, Ruupiin, and very shortly X'kug); and generated much like the CT K'kree process and rendered back into a more normal notation (the rimward edge sectors).

Because the original method was never applied, it has been tough to know what K'kree space really looked like. That's why I've been sticking to the CT K'kree method for the time being. Those sectors will likely change to something more like the rimward ones at some point, but I want to establish the baseline that ideally would have been in place 30 years ago.

I'll work on the core-spin area, too, but right now I'm fixing the Gzirr!k'l Pocket.
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