Third Imperium and Traveller Lore

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Third Imperium and Traveller Lore

Postby Knightgoblin » Wed Jul 22, 2020 5:18 pm

Hi friends, I am new to Traveller and know very little about it's lore. Currently I am GMing Traveller 2e and I am interested reading about the Third Imperium. What's is it's history and what is culture and government structure like? Do you recommend any books :?:
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Re: Third Imperium and Traveller Lore

Postby MyndkryM » Wed Jul 22, 2020 6:22 pm

The Traveller Wiki would be a good start

And don't forget the Traveller Map

The Traveller Companion has a really good write up on using the Traveller Map, and it's probably one of the best resource tools any RPG has ever had produced.
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Re: Third Imperium and Traveller Lore

Postby Knightgoblin » Wed Jul 22, 2020 7:19 pm

I’ll look into this. Thank you!
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Re: Third Imperium and Traveller Lore

Postby Ursus Maior » Wed Jul 22, 2020 9:32 pm

Hi, nice to see you're getting into it and want to know more about the 3I. A lot of Traveller lore has existed for decades, making many "facts" having been published over and over again and over a wide range of publishers. The important stuff has already been republished by Mongoose for their current second edition. Apart from the core rulebook, a lot of important stuff is present in the new Spinward Marches book, which also covers the neighbouring Deneb sector, and in the excellent Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society. The latter consists of six volumes, each with around twenty articles on topics from all across the game: background, tech, adventures etc.

The really hard facts have not been republished however and currently 1st edition ebooks might be your good friends here: Library Data, Solomani Rim, Alien Module 4: Zhodani (soon to be revised for the current edition) or Secrets of the Ancients, to name a few. Books from former or bygone publishers (mostly GDW and GURPS) are still recommendable as well, though mileage may vary.

For now and to safe money and time to read, I definitely recommend the Traveller-Wiki plus one of the newer sector specific publications: Behind the Claw, about the Spinward Marches and Deneb or Pirates of Drinax. The former is "just" a sandbox setting, the latter comes complete with a campaign and ongoing support, making the full package more expensive. Both are supported by a publishing line of seperate adventures.
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Re: Third Imperium and Traveller Lore

Postby Sigtrygg » Thu Jul 23, 2020 8:55 am

A brief Imperial setting history.
300,000 years ago a mysterious race of advanced aliens visited Earth. They took humans as pets/slaves/servants/co-workers, they also uplifted wolves to intelligence and used them as pets/slaves/servants/co-workers.
Some of these humans and uplifted wolves were transported to distant worlds within out galaxy.

The ancient alien race disappeared, leaving evidence of a massive conflict.

Far off in the galaxy on a world called Vland in the year 4717BC on the Earth calendar the Vilani discovered the jump drive and began exploring and colonising. They encountered alien races and other transplanted human races. In 882BC the Vilani began a series of wars that would lead to the foundation of the Imperium in 473AD.

The Vilani Imperium slowly expanded but stagnated technologically.

In 2087AD the jump drive was invented by Earth, in 2096AD humans from Earth run into humans of the Imperium, war follows. A series of interstellar wars last until 2299AD and result in victory for the Terran forces. In 2314AD a Terran human is elevated to the position of Emperor of the Imperium - this is sometimes called the second Imperium or alternatively the Rule of Man. In 2742AD the Rule of Man finally collapses and interstellar trade ceases, an era called the Long Night affects the worlds of the Imperium.

In the year 3868AD on the former Imperial world of Sylea a federation is incorporated which has the economic and technological might to begin expansion and trade with its neighbouring worlds. In 4518AD Cleon is elevated to the position of Emperor of the newly incorporated Imperium, tracing his lineage back through Terran rulers during the RoM right back to the First Imperium. This is year 0 of the Imperium, or Third Imperium.

It is now 1005 as the Imperium denotes time, or 5623AD on the Terran calendar...
The lmperium is a strong interstellar government encompassing 281 subsectors and approximately 11,000 worlds. Approximately 1100 years old, it is the third human empire to control this area, the oldest, and the strongest. Nevertheless, it is under strong pressure from i s neighbouring interstellar governments, and does not have the strength nor the power which it once had.
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Re: Third Imperium and Traveller Lore

Postby Reynard » Thu Jul 23, 2020 10:18 am

Then they had a war then another and another and another and another then a civil war that breaks up the Imperium then the time stream splits leaving either a Virus ravaged galaxy followed by a rebuilding or paradise.

I've been following Traveller for four decades and realize there is SO much still unknown and untouched.
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Re: Third Imperium and Traveller Lore

Postby Condottiere » Thu Jul 23, 2020 10:39 pm

Toned down Warhammer Forty Kay.

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