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VTT Compatible Maps

Postby tdsharkey » Wed May 13, 2020 3:45 pm

With the global pandemic nearly every traditional tabletop RPG game or club has turned to some form of VTT to continue play. In this regard Mongoose is substantially behind the curve by not supporting in the most basic fashion the ability to use their products online in a VTT game. The design decision to use isometric views of deckplans was already widely panned by most Traveller players and GMs, and now with the current situation they are essentially unusable in a VTT setting. When deciding what to purchase I now look for some form of VTT adaptability. For instance, I was running Rappan Athuk (5e D&D game) on a live table, but starting in March went to VTT. The publisher made available a variety of digital maps with some options that lacked room numbers, secret doors, etc that could be ported into Roll20 and the game went on. While not a true VTT product, it was more than enough to keep the game going without too much extra effort. In my own modest offerings in online publishing I make sure there are a variety of maps available, with some specifically set aside for use in a VTT (grid, no grid, unlabeled, etc..)

Mongoose should get on board with VTT compatibility and, at the very least, make offerings that are VTT accessible without too much extra effort. At this point VTT support or adaptability is something that I now look for when deciding what to purchase.
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Re: VTT Compatible Maps

Postby MongooseMatt » Tue May 19, 2020 4:18 pm

We are looking into this, but it is not an easy move with a large back catalogue. I can, however, say that such deck plans will be present in the forthcoming 2300AD series.
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