[Freelance Traveller] May/June 2020 pending - ISSUE 100 BEGINNING PREP

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[Freelance Traveller] May/June 2020 pending - ISSUE 100 BEGINNING PREP

Postby FreeTrav » Tue Apr 14, 2020 8:31 pm

The only thing that the May/June issue of Freelance Traveller is waiting for is some time-dependent information, so it will be out on time, COVID stress notwithstanding!

I'm starting to compile articles for the July/August issue, but it occurs to me that it wouldn't be inappropriate to do something special for that issue - it is, after all, issue #100.

So, I put it to the community: Should I do Something Special for that issue? If so, what? Bear in mind that whatever the ultimate answer is, your participation, by writing (or doing artwork) for that issue, is going to be essential.

Comment here, or email your ideas to editor@freelancetraveller.com - I'll be keeping an eye out!
Jeff Zeitlin
Editor, Freelance Traveller
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Re: [Freelance Traveller] May/June 2020 pending - ISSUE 100 BEGINNING PREP

Postby crossmlk » Sat Apr 18, 2020 1:50 pm

Really guys! Jeff works his butt off bringing you a free magazine and no one can be bothered to give him any ideas for the momentous occasion of the 100th issue? I'll throw one out although I'm not sure how good it is. Since Freelance Traveller has always been on the cutting edge of the game. How about cutting edge tech. The upper edge of TL15 and just beyond.
Mike Cross
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