Random Loot Generator: Stateroom Edition

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Random Loot Generator: Stateroom Edition

Postby CyborgPrime » Fri Feb 21, 2020 3:36 pm

Sci-fi RPG Stateroom Loot Generator
You sneak past the guards and make your way into the living quarters area.
Moving quickly, you listen to the nearest apartment door and hear nothing on the other side.
You glance around to make sure the coast is clear, then you override the door lock using a little gizmo you acquired from a friend in the underworld.
The door opens and you slip inside.
Your eyes scan the room greedily, looking for valuables.
What's in the room?

(BTW- the loot is rated PG-13 due to drug, alcohol, and adult situation references)

Find out using my Sci-fi RPG Stateroom Random Loot Generator

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