What extra Escorts, Transports and cargoes should I add?

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What extra Escorts, Transports and cargoes should I add?

Postby JMISBEST » Wed Jan 08, 2020 10:47 pm

Even though me and my group of more then A Decade have fallen out theirs a good chance me and them will make up and what I want to is if I do Treasure Ship as the characters are allies of Hroal and it will be their 6th adventure what extra Escorts and Transports should I add to deal with their 5 Ships and what extra Cargo and stuff of value should I add. Also as I like to use the same mix of Pc types in most Drinax Campaigns they're all the same types but with very different DM's

All 5 are 200 ton Drinaxi Class Commerce Raiders

Other then all being fully repaired, fully refurnished, fully refurbished and all having A 4-ton medical Room, 25.75 tons of Cargo Space and 3 of them having A Triple Turret with 3 Beam Lasers all 5 are standard

The Lead Ship has the 6 Pcs of Captain who is A Noble, 1 Pilot who doubles as Navigator, 1 Engineer who doubles as Mechanic, 1 Medic who doubles as A Translator of both The Aslan and The Hiver Languages and The Kree and 2 Gunners that double as Marines

The other 4 Ships all have a total of 12 crew that are made up of 3 Marines, 2 Gunners, 1 Medic, 1 back-up engineer, 1 back-up pilot, 1 engineering officer, 1 piloting officer and 1 1st officer and 3 of the 4 also have 1 Captain

The 6 Pcs all have DM's of between +2 and +4 in their 4 to 6 Key Skills and DM's of between +0 and +1 in their 1 to 3 None Key Skills

All 12 Crew on 4 of The 5 Drinax Harriers all have A +3 DM in their 5 key-skills and A +1 DM in their 3 none-key skills


All in all it costs around Cr 660,000 of The Cr 880,000 per month that is the minimum their The Cr 206,200,000 investment makes them a month that they got after selling The Goods on The Yarrow that The Tobia Commerce Guild faked The Misjump of to get the insurance

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