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Traveller portraits

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:57 am
by steve98052
Part of my Traveller coin and currency project is finding decent art. I know there are are portraits of Stephon, Iolanthe, Ciencia Iphegenia, Duke Norris, and a few others, but with one exception they're all by J Andrew Keith or in his style, and owned by Far Future.

Example Keith artwork:

The one exception is this very distinguished portrait of Strephon, which is a fan creation. It was apparently in a Traveller calendar, but since it's on the artist's page I assume that the artist owns it (and licensed it for the calendar) rather than selling it. ... -166430081

For my money project, I want to use something that looks like engraving. I think I can convert a color or grayscale image into a decent engraving, but only if I have a source image. Does anyone here know of images of Strephon, Cleon, Arbellatra, any other emperors, or any archdukes in a realistic style, as opposed to the Keith style?