My Drinax

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My Drinax

Postby JMISBEST » Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:33 am

Here's the state of my Drinax less then 5 days after The Finale and is from the only Pirates of Drinax Campaign I ever did where I used only official stuff from official sources. What do you think?


Drinax, Asim, Inurin, Sperle, Bryni, Tech-World, Falcon, Albe, Neuman, Acrid, Argona, Simok, Clarke, Torpol, Borite, Exe, Arunissir, Sink, Hilfer, Fantasy, Kteireo, Pandora, Marduk, Khusai, Cordan, Number One, Thebus, The 5 Worlds of The Senlis Foedorate and


The 611 ships of The Drinax Regional Forces that range from 100 tons to 2,800 tons

The 7 100 ton, 7 200 ton, 6 300 ton, 4 400 ton, 4 600 ton, 2 800 ton and 1 1,000 ton Ships that guard Tech-World

The 223 ships of The Drinax Starguard that range from 100 tons to 4,200 tons as regulars and The Flagship -A 80,000 Ton Aslan Capital Ship that they got after 3 Powerful Npc Zhodanni Allies Psionically tricked its crew into thinking Third Imperium Ships had jumped in to save Drinax and by the time they realized that wasn't the case they where prisoners on War

The Pcs characters forces that are a assortment of 8 Fleets each ranging from 2 ships to 13 ships strong or a total of 71 ships that range from 100 tons to my Flagship -The 50,000 Ton Yarrow converted into A Very Heavy Cruiser and which cos The Pcs all Cr 8.4 Billion that they got as 28% of 30% of its cargo's Cr 100 Billion value

Hroal Irontooth, now A Social 15 and Territory 15 very great Aslan Noble Lord of 1 of the Highest Ranks there is, he has a total of 5 fleets that each range from 4 ships to 14 Ships or a total of 55 ships that range from 100 tons to 2,500 tons

Petry Vallis force totalling 5 Fleets that each range from 4 ships to 14 Ships or a total of 59 ships that range from 300 tons to 2,900 tons

The Alliance of 3 Renegade Ex Naval Pcs, Zhuekvi and 5 lesser Leaders of several Pirate Ships who between them have 68 ships that range from 400 ton Escorts to A 30,000 ton Ex Super-Freighter turned into A Medium Cruiser


Around 1,839,983,137 part-time Soldiers and around 159,452,461 full-time Soldiers


All in all it took around 413 months, or to be exact or around 34 years, 5 months, 1 week and 4 days
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Re: My Drinax

Postby ShawnDriscoll » Tue Jul 23, 2019 2:43 am

I just have a Scout ship.

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