Ideas for A Story

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Ideas for A Story

Postby JMISBEST » Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:49 pm

I'm toying with writing A Story, just for a laugh, that's Part Starwars and Part Traveller and as its based in The Clone Wars want ideas for justifying Separatist's and Clones lead by Jedi working together against a common foe
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Re: Ideas for A Story

Postby ShawnDriscoll » Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:25 pm

YouTube link, or it never happened.
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Re: Ideas for A Story

Postby M J Dougherty » Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:26 pm

If you want to write a story and you have to ask others for ideas ... you've kinda run face-first into the very first hurdle.

Seriously... can you please think about what you're asking of people? Folks here wil help you out if you don't take the lend.
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Re: Ideas for A Story

Postby Hopeless » Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:40 pm

I'm more inclined towards a Mass Effect meets Star Wars and Babylon V, but this IS Traveller after all!

Humanity has spread to the stars however an intriguing mystery is unveiled as in addition to various alien races they also encounter near human and actual human species that never even went anywhere near the Sol System!

Apparently millennia ago a trio of generation ships found themselves in the early Milky Way Galaxy after barely surviving a trip through an unstable wormhole.
Separated by centuries they eventually re-established contact with each other but evolution had drastically changed the inhabitants of each generation ship.

One sought genetic experimentation to extend their lives and capabilities eventually evolving into the Inigo Empire whose pursuit of cloning and superiority has turned them into a near constant menace for the other inhabitants of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The second evolved into a warrior race calling themselves the Ather eventually they caused their own downfall as the Inigo was unwilling to accept they were remotely genetically similar to them.

But they put up a hell of a fight in the process managing to decimate the Inigo Empire sufficiently that its only recently that they've finally recovered enough to try and rebuild their Empire to its former heights.

The third generation ship never survived the trip, but unfortunately for you, your generation ships were mistaken for them, not only linked to a supposed extinct warrior race, but also an imperial force seeking to conquer everyone.

Then there came the Slaad.
Named by the new era of humanity after a creature from some ancient roleplaying game this parastic aquatic species shares a hive mind infesting and devouring host bodies in their pursuit to turn every water world into a new breeding nest for their species.

Before your people came only the Ather could prevail against them and in your first outing you barely survived losing an entire colony to the menace that is now aware of your homeworld and to them Earth is a paradise and they wants IT!

Seriously though have you thought about the Solo movie as a good introductory adventure?

Admittedly your version doesn't have to be as bland but it has all the elements you're looking for.

Starts on an imperial world thats beset by civil strife some of your PCs are looking to steal an Imperial Freighter as part of a scheme to secure some fuel and spare parts for a local crime lord.
Another PC is a local grunt who with the help of an escaped prisoner helps them secure the freighter in return for a lift offworld.
However the attempt to secure the fuel and parts runs into a rival group whose actions might involve introducing another PC or reveal some of the NPC crew were going to turn on the others.
One way or the other they escape with the fuel and parts heading to the rendezvous only to be double crossed as their patron wants them to retrieve the last part from a prison mining facility.
During this mission they discover some missing family and friends and unlike Solo might actually rescue them as everything goes to hell as one PC decides to stage a robot mutiny!
So barely escape only to come face to face with a local Imperial Cruiser forcing them to flee through a various dangerous part of the system managing to reach their rendevzous only to discover their patron enslaved their people from the survivors they rescued.
Clearly he's going to turn on them so maybe set up things to turn that trap against them?

Well you know what they say no plan survives contact with the PCs!

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