What do you think of this conversion from A Dream of mine

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What do you think of this conversion from A Dream of mine

Postby JMISBEST » Sat Jul 13, 2019 5:44 pm

I had A Dream about Pirates of Drinax where The Pcs acquired The 50,000 Ton Super-Heavy Megafreighter The Yarrow from Rumours of The Reach and want your thoughts on its conversion into A Fairly Heavy Cruiser with Fighter Capacity?. Here's what I remember. So what do you think of this conversion from A Dream of mine?

They sold its 15,248 tons of 4,098 year old worth of very large very high quality Antique’s

Including Cr 17.42 Billion hush-money that The Owners/The Tobia Commerce Guild gives The Pcs to keep the fraud silent nets a grand total of Cr 121,134,400,000

The Pcs 22% of 30% of that haul nets me Cr 7,661,442,000 and then it took 40 months to convert it into A Heavy Cruiser

So here's the conversion

4,500 tons and Cr 1.5 Billion to give it 15 points of Bonded Superdense Armour

2,032 tons and Cr 2,770,399,000 to give it 432 Triple Turrets mounting 216 Particle Beams and 324 of both Beam Lasers and Pulse Lasers, 6 100 ton and 4 250 ton Fusion Bays

100 extra tons of both recreational(so 500 tons) and medical facilities(so 106 tons) and 100 ton and Hydrophonics for another Cr 133.8 Million

4,800 tons and Cr 3.254.6 Billion for 10 480 ton Fighter Area’s that hold a total of 2,400 tons of Full Hangers, 1,200 tons of Recovery Decks and 1,200 tons of launch tube’s and carry a total of 66 10 ton, 21 20 ton, 2 30 ton and 1 60 ton Fighters

It also has 592 double staterooms that hold 592 Gunners, 170 assorted marines, 170 assorted Fighter Personnel, 100 of both Officers and Engineers, 30 Medics, 20 Sensor Operators, the 2nd in command and the captain

Take away 1,349 tons for taking away the shuttles, cargo cranes, loading Belts, high stateroom and +40% more gives 1,618.8 -2,376 tons leaves -758.8 tons, which costs Cr 222,000,000 -Cr 269,635,000 or -Cr 47,635,000

Its 2,868.8 ton Cargo Bay can hold ships massing a total of 2,500 tons, but none can individually mass more then 1,000 tons


That costs Cr 7,602,164,000

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