Weapons for a special-operations ship

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Re: Weapons for a special-operations ship

Postby AnotherDilbert » Thu Aug 01, 2019 10:41 am

Moppy wrote: Well I'm not saying there's only 1 right way to do it. The context is important.
Quite, the same words means different things in different fields.

Moppy wrote: The difference lies in the meaning humans assign to the values, and not the algorithms. The code for (a1, a2) + (b1, b2) = (a1 + b1, a2 + b2) is the same if we have co-ordinate translation vectors, or if a is a list (programmer's vector) of prices and b is discounts per item.
Certainly, but M₁₃ × M₁₃ is not the same as V₃ × V₃ is not the same as V₃ · V₃. It's easier to adapt to changing requirements if we choose the right tool from the start.

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