Imperial Circumnavigation Attempt

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Imperial Circumnavigation Attempt

Postby Moppy » Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:51 am

Staring 001-1105 retired scout Armia Hallijiir will attempt a never before attempted record-breaking solo circumnavigation of the imperial border in a jump-2 Type-S using only wilderness refuelling.

The journey will begin at Lablon/Aramis, the most coreward system in the Spinward Marches, from which she will proceed clockwise around the Imperium and hopes to complete the circuit in 30 years, breaking the previous jump-2 record of 32 years 3 months which used a ship with 3 jump drives.

"It's important to attempt this" says Hallijir, "and it's significant that my vessel has only a single jump drive. It's good that I can raise some money for deep space search and rescue in the process."

The main sponsor of the trip is DeepRange LLC of Rhylanor in the Marshes, a maker of expedition equipment for space craft.

- A Y Press 280/1104

Authors note: I've never seen this subject touched on in Traveller before, but I haven't read all the books. Given the propensity of ships to mis-jump I suspect this will probably be quite difficult to do quickly where the drive is operated at the limit of its duty cycle for extended times. It's something you'd fit 2+ jump drives for unless you wanted to disappear. I haven't calculated the time properly via Traveller map and this is a high estimate from eyeballing an old RPG book.

Today's record holders:

Obviously aerial is possible with tankers, but has anyone done the aerial circumnavgation without a tanker? Quickly checking I can only find solar planes.

By sea, the record holder is a sailing vessel and no-one has yet come close to it with mechanical propulsion (even with tanker support or nuc power, they're 15 days slower). Though I suspect nuclear could right now if they really tried (and nothing broke from full power for so long), or diesel if they built a new boat for it with current technology - then again, they tried that 10 years ago and failed.

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