How should she cope

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How should she cope

Postby JMISBEST » Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:22 am

My cousin has asked for advise in A Out-of-control situation

Her players did Treasure and Sindal and Blood of The Star Dragon before Game of Shadow and Sun, then when they did Game of Shadow and Sun they had Krond and his officers at A Drinax party and the combo of A Psionic Pc, Kinnear, Dlmshar and 2 other Zhodanni Psions psionically turned Krond renegade and including 23 ships captured in the 18 months prior to that officially netted Theev and in truth netted Drinax 42 ships worth a total of 53 Fighting Dice and 2 Capital Ships. How should she cope
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Re: How should she cope

Postby M J Dougherty » Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:36 am

This situation is out of control because - YET AGAIN - someone you know who is playing Drinax has permitted a grossly overpowered result. Super-powered psions have AGAIN made someone do something that hands vast power to the players. Not long ago it was the Duke of Tobia who was psioniced into gambling away his Medium Strength Superdreadnought or something. Now a roomfull of Imperial officers have been psioniced into changing sides.

But anyway. A heavy cruiser and its associated task force have just gone rogue. That absolutely cannot be tolerated by the Imperial authorities. A former Imperial Navy ship in rogue hands? The response would make the pursuit of the Bismark seem like the South Hylton regatta by comparison. That ship would be found and destroyed, and an inquiry would be set up to find out how this all happened. if the truth is even suspected, the Floating Palace becomes a pinyata for the Imperial Navy. Everyone is hunted down and put on trial. Everyone. Every single crewmember, eveyone who had contact with the ship. Some will be found innocent, but in the process the truth will be at least partially uncovered - Drinax somehow made a squadron commander hand over his ships. Whether the actual means is discovered or not, Drinax is finished.

When the Floating Palace is a smear on the surface of Drinax and everyone invovled is dead, in prison or running from bounty hunters, the situaion will be under control once more.

Seriously. Something like this might seem like a clever stratagem to players, and the referee might let them make a couple of die rolls and winwinwin, but the consequences of something like stealing an Imperial cruiser are that you die or rot in a gulag.

How to cope? Maybe just narrate what happens ('a year later the Imperial Navy has hunted down all the ships of the task force. Floating Palace is toast, you're dead or on the run').

Then start a more sensible game where you don't allow this sort of thing to happen.

Also... consider this. If little Drinax has superpsions who can do this, others probably do to. The Imperium probably has a black ops psi programme with its own super psis. and more importantly, will be taking steps to prevent psionic suborning of its officers. If it's so easy Drinax can do it to a whole squadron command team, the Imperium will consider it a threat to be guarded against.
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Re: How should she cope

Postby HeadlessGunner » Thu Mar 28, 2019 10:35 am

She should "Ground Hog Day" the Psion PC until they figure out how to play nice. Come up with a dozen different hand of god deaths for the misguided soul, then have them wake up a few days before the fork in the timeline, and tell them it was just a dream. Rinse and repeat.
If the admiral of the fleet is compromised, the other officers should act to remove them from command. The marines, and junior officers will stop the madness before all the ships are compromised. The captains of the other ships will be aware of what the standing orders are for the fleet and will protest deviation from same without official orders from high command.
The Psions may gain control of 1 ship, but they would need a significant psion conspiracy to take over a fleet.
Marc Miller's "Agent of the Imperium" novel should give you ideas for dealing with insurrections. Seems like there would be a "standard protocol" for dealing with this sort of bother.

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