Finished Drinax Campaign

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Finished Drinax Campaign

Postby PsiTraveller » Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:25 pm

Many thanks to Gareth Hanrahan for a fun filled couple of years real time. The group started this way back in first edition.

The finale was a fun time with handfuls of dice clattering across the table.
IMTU there is a new king on the Dragon throne:

His Majesty Zhakirov, Monarch of the Floating Palace, King of Drinax, Lord of the Star Dragon Throne of Sindal, Baron in the Moot of the Third Imperium

The merchant Prince character had a Soc of 12 when we rolled up the first edition characters for the game. This changed the game quite a bit for the group, more politics and trade and less piracy. The group farmed that out early on to Darokyn.

The Treaty made was for the Imperium (he is a Baron in the Moot after all). The Aslan were ignored, the whole point of the campaign was to blunt the Aslan threat.
The new Kingdom has a Naval Base, a trade treaty and a couple of arranged marriages to sort out.

The Aslan took great offense to this and sent a fleet. This did not end well for them.

The individual actions by each player had a big impact on the final battle, seizing tactical advantage, leading attacks. boarding actions. The abstract system results in forces rapidly getting whittled down by anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of your dice per round. (removing 1,3 and 5 dice can really deplete the dice pool).
And of course there was the Treasure of SIndal that the new King revealed to the Aslan with a roll of 10 on 2D. This altered the strength right off the bat. Our group hates GeDeCo and there was no deal made. They also ignored the Jaskarl report, and proved it wrong as of 1107 (my time of the battle. 2 years in game time have passed in the campaign.)

So in the end the new Kingdom is creating a future for itself and looking Spinward for the next wave of Ihatei.
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Re: Finished Drinax Campaign

Postby Old School » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:09 pm

Nice! Congratulations. Glad to know that you made it through to the end. The end of the campaign is like a distant dream for me. So far away its not even a real thing.

What happened to Harrick and Rao in your campaign?
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Re: Finished Drinax Campaign

Postby paltrysum » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:25 pm

Fantastic! Congratulations, PsiTraveller! Sounds like an exciting campaign. So what's next for you Travellerwise?
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Re: Finished Drinax Campaign

Postby PsiTraveller » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:07 am

Rao will likely marry the new King to add some legitimacy to the line. That was what the player mentioned.

My female player (Corsair/pirate character) is thinking of marrying Harrick for the same reason.

The other players will be the ones to marry Imperial daughters to make alliance ties.

As for future Traveller plans. I am writing up several more adventures for TAS and may run them as one shots with new characters.
I am also in another group that is winding up a Savage Worlds campaign and are looking for new games to play. I offered to run something from the Great Rift (Midnight Endeavor).

And I also just started noodling around with a Space Vampire concept that has smaller ships that are crewed by high powered Psions with a thirst for human characteristic points. (1st edition Psion book Advanced Talents can be nasty.) So I am sketching out ideas for that in between posting stuff to this board. (And if anyone is interested in discussing odd Psionic ideas let me know, I want to bounce ideas off someone.)
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Re: Finished Drinax Campaign

Postby Jackstar » Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:47 am

PsiTraveller wrote:
Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:25 pm
2 years in game time have passed in the campaign.
Congratulations on finishing, it's a distant dream for me.
2 years in game time seems very quick. Did you run all 10 adventures?
My Drinax campaign has only just started, but the players have already done 4 months and haven't even started the first adventure.
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Re: Finished Drinax Campaign

Postby PsiTraveller » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:06 pm

No, I skipped and trimmed adventures. We ran Pirates of Drinax with no emphasis on piracy, aside from fighting the non-compliant pirates in the various adventures. The focus was on making money and alliances through trade, and giving Oleb his cut. This was millions of credits so he was pretty happy.

We did adventures 1-3 in sequence. I skipped the journey to Mirage in Demon's eye, skipped over all of the nanotech concept. The Demon's Eye became a diplomatic and trade negotiation to create the web of trade the scientists want. Seeing as the group had sub contracted out piracy to Darokyn and Peter Vallis, with instructions to target Aslan and GeDeCo ships this was an easy adventure to trim out. And it made time sense as well given the 8 months to a year the Demon's Eye has the players travelling for. (11 Jumps to Mirage and back, even at 3 Jumps a month is still almost 8 months, plus downtime for maintenance and adventuring.)I ran Treasure Ship and the group targeted the Aslan pirate and the treasure ship. The rewards section was a little odd since the group was anti GeDeCo and pro Imperium. The ship was looted and treaty found, but the ship and crew were released with the plot exposed.

Treasure of SIndal was run but the players kept the WMD hidden from Oleb and Rao, not trusting them to NOT use them. Some were given to Tech-World (which had kicked out GeDeCo after the Demon's Eye) to reverse engineer and give the players more advanced weapons.

With piracy subcontracted and not the major focus I skipped the Games of Sun and Shadow adventure completely.

The Vorito Gambit was run as the heist caper/ Oceans 11 operation. Diplomacy and trade and anti GeDeCo operation that the group wanted. The report computer copied, giving the group the Jaskarl report. THe GeDeCo computer was then infected with a virus to alter the math of the report. This gives GeDeCo the wrong information going forward.

The only thing taken from the vault was a royal Sindalian scepter. The Baron kept this, not giving it to Oleb.

The Prodigal outcast was trimmed down to almost nothing. My group had used the Ihatei adventure to fake messages and release the base location as an internal plot and created a clan war among the Aslan. Since they want nothing to do with Aslan, helping an Aslan made no sense for them.

Then we get to Blood of the Star Dragon. The Baron used the Royal scepter, and his own boarding force of marines to declare himself in contention for the throne. He succeeded and was the new king.
And finally the finale which ran through the negotiations and Blockade to treaty and then final battle.

So I cut 3 adventures out of the mix, added in a couple of my own, as well as morphing sections to suit the players and the tone of our game. A lot of fun.

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