Does it sound like it'd work?

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Does it sound like it'd work?

Postby JMISBEST » Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:52 pm

A GM's I know's spend 5 years working on A Idea for 3 Traveller fans who are Triplets, who where conceived on Mothers Day, born on Halloween and due on Bonfire Night that's A Special Horror based 1-off that's going to be A Bit late due to The Triplets going on holiday for their 30th birthdays that A all-night Scenario with characters he'd made to have the right mix of stats, skills and gear to allow them to succeed provided they are sensible and don't have very bad luck

Its basically A Call of Culuthu(think that's the name) meets CSI from The Murderers point of view meets Fantastic Beasts Film 2 Era Harry Potter from Grinnwald's point of view meets X-Files in Space themed idea

Basically he Pcs are hired to kill A Rapist Crime Lord whose A Werewolf, they then return to their hirer and find he's A Child killing then eating Terrorist, A War-Criminal, A 7-Times escaped cannibal lunatic asylum member AND A half-Vampire/half-Human with Deamon Blood and the dead guy was the last remaining member of the only family that has the only Psionic Technique that can definitely kill him and now they have a choice of destroying The Entire System which won't kill him but will sort of imprison him for 5 to 6 centuries, calling in The X-Files themed Witch Hunters and risk all of them and all of their families burning alongside him or let him win but flee so far from their but still in charted space that they'll all be dead of old age at least 53.68 years before he'll get the chance to kill them and his ego means that if they die for what they know he must be the 1 to do it. Does it sound like it'd work?

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