A suggested fee and how good is she?

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A suggested fee and how good is she?

Postby JMISBEST » Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:02 pm

A Player I know was witnessed by me rolling up A Noble using The 1st edition rules in Book 8/Dilettante and he/The Player netted A Noble with Advocate /3 who depending on the situation could add either +3 for her SS, +2 for her Edu or +1 for her Int. Roughly how good is she/The Pc and what would you suggest as A suitable Fee for her. Also she started at SS 11, got +2 for A 15 then A 2 on The Connoisseur Event Table then netted +1 twice or +2 in all for rolling A 4 on Personal Development and reaching Rank 6 both in Term 7 and she got Advocate /3 for rolling A 65 in Term 1 and choosing to boost it twice more, thanks to in Term 3 rolling A 1 on advanced education and in Term 8 with A 61 then A 11 on 2D6+1

Ooops. Made a mistake by way of forgetting that whilst the player had A 11 in SS and Edu(thanks to using Drinax Rules which gives +1 to both), she didn't get The +1 Edu to give Edu 12/+2 until he/the player rolled A 1+1 or 2 on benefits, so it should have always said and now does say A 11 on 2D6+1 not A 12 on 2D6+2 and that I put how could not how good is she, now also corrected. Sorry

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