Suggested fleets if I do it again

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Suggested fleets if I do it again

Postby JMISBEST » Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:04 am

I've just dug up some old stuff from my never completed Drinax Campaign and wanted to know what fleets you'd advise for Ferrik and The Treasure Ship to have a chance of beating if I can find A Group willing to start on A already started Campaign

They had 2 200 ton Drinax Harriers each with 12 Crew, A 600 ton Corsair with 15 Crew, 1 400 ton Patrol Corvette with 20 Crew and 1 custom build 300 ton Scoutship with 8 crew. All crew had A +2 DM in their 5 Key Skills and A +1 DM in their 3 none-Key Skills, the pcs each get 2.2% of all illegal earnings and all 79 crew and 6 ships are paid by The Noble Pc who started with A Very Lucky Portfolio worth Cr 100,000,000, put 88% of her earnings in it and she also had 8 to the 11 luckiest portfolio rolls I've evert seen and who stills makes Cr 7,425 profit from it

Also their has been no mention of this old campaign by me on any website and as far as I know anywhere by anyone. I'm just getting desperate to have some people that will talk about the great Traveller RPG with me and am considering becoming A Player despite the fact that having used my own versions of the rules for so long that I'd likely be a liability despite my years as A GM
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Re: Suggested fleets if I do it again

Postby Darkmoon » Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:58 am

If you are looking for a new group, why not just start again.

Session 1 get all your players to make the toons with the tables, careers and starting equipment listed in the books/adventures. Then start fresh :)
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Re: Suggested fleets if I do it again

Postby M J Dougherty » Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:10 am

I agree. You'll find it much easier to convince players to join a new game than picking one up in the middle.

Also, usual comments about scale. You'd be better to keep the scale small and not give out billions of credits on day 1. Apart from anything else, too many options will confuse the players.

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