A split timeline?

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A split timeline?

Postby JMISBEST » Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:15 am

How would a idea work if it has a new minor race that's TL 12 and goes back in time, with The Pcs, with A Stolen from The Florani Time-Device to both prevent the extinction of over half of their races and end of The Third Imperium, but when they return to their time they see that a new timeline means preventing most of their races death meant they never moved to another planet which meant that on the anniversary of their race inventing The Jump Drive Sindal nuked their homeworld and wiped them out and that also in this timeline The Third Imperium was never destroyed cos it never was due to A Alliance of Drinax, The Vagry, The Zhodanni and The Glorious Empire conquering it all and The Pcs maybe decided they are better in this timeiine cos they where illegit children of nobles via Servants at best in the old timeline yet no worse then the 3rd Child of Very Senior Barons in The New Timeline

Bit like The Old Shinzo Cartoon, in that its all bad in the original timeline and all good in The New Timeline, may even throw in A Very Small Number of Minor Races based on Enterra's 7 Tribes created by The Ancients, to make it even more like Shinzo, but have The 7 Enterran Generals be good in the 2nd/new timeline rather then not appearing at all or even throw in my favorite TV Show villain Xanna from Code Lyoko as a great but nisguided evil in the old timeline but thanks, somehow, to The Timeline changes be a great force for good but naïve and too trusting. What do you think?. How would all that work?
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Re: A split timeline?

Postby Reynard » Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:20 am

"This is why I hate time paradoxes!"

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