The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide by Jim Bell as a Traveller setting

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The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide by Jim Bell as a Traveller setting

Postby Tom Kalbfus » Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:43 pm

Here is a review: ... guide.html
This set in the 23rd century, 2218 AD to be exact, it is basically a creative way to talk about the environments of the various planets in the form of a grand tour of the Solar System, but it also occurs to me that it would make a great Traveller setting! The tech level descibed is about tech level 8 without artificial gravity or reactionless maneuver drives, pretty much all the planets and asteroids out to Saturn are inhabited, and the outer three planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are visited. None of the projected technologies are surprising, fusion is assumed, and the book gives the various travel times to different destinations in the Solar System. The most populated place besides the Earth is Earth's Moon, the second most populated place after that is Mars. Venus has some colonists and tourists as well, staying in floating hotels, and they have developed Hostile Environment Suits called "Hot Suits" for people who actually want to walk on the surface of Venus. The description of the various spaceships used to travel to these places are vague, but are assumed to use conventional physics and are reaction engines probably of the nuclear variety. What do you think? This is set in the 23rd century, they planets are basically the same as they are today, no terraforming has yet occured, and there are plans in the works to colonize the Trappist System at this time, the one with seven Earthlike planets, though perhaps no more that two of them are actually in the star's habitable zone.

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