Limited Time Travel Campaign

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Limited Time Travel Campaign

Postby Tom Kalbfus » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:23 pm

Has anyone tried this? introduce time travel to a Modern Traveller campaign by having a timeship appear from the future? Lets say the lone operator of the time ship is dead or incapacitate, and the timeship has an AI that can run it, but the time jump controls are locked into two destinations in time, the time it is from and the time it is at now, and the ship can toggle between the two, in a forward and backward time jump of 6000 years. the Travellers aren't knowledgeable to properly operate the time ship, the AI can do this, once they learn how and have th code to unlock the timedrive, they can set it to a specific date, otherwise it just goes back and forth. Helps the Referee to prepare just one world for the PCs to adventure in rather than having the players just setting an arbitrary date and then going there and the Referee having to adjust on the fly. Anyone ever run a Time Travel campaign with Traveller?

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