A queetion for my possible group?

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A queetion for my possible group?

Postby JMISBEST » Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:14 am

My possible group as a player, see last post, tricked some Pirates into thinking they wanted to join, then betrayed them to Kteiroa from Pirates of Drinax but not in that campaign, they kept 2 of the 7 pirate ships and the 2 they kept are 600 ton Pirate Version of The Drinax Harrier and their 600 ton version of 300 ton Indigo Class Pirate Carrier. These have been captured as pirate ships and have been repurposed as heavily armed and moderately armoured, for their size, escorts to legit Merchants/the groups initial 400 ton Far Trader, 2 200 ton Fat Traders they won at gambling they rigged and 2 salvaged 300 ton version of The 200 ton Fast Trader, they are all paid with The Groups, they're all Nobles and pay for their fleet with their Portfolios that told close to Cr 1.4 billion and net them around Cr 9,980,000 per month, but what happens when they return to The Imperium with 2 ships that as far as they know are still, in The Imperium, registered as Pirates, 2 that are registered as suspected Pirates and 2 whose salvage was at best of questionable legality in Imperial Records on account of the fact that it was legal salvage but the last owner may have registered them as stolen to get all he insurance money and not just around 72% of the insurance money

PS I'm the only 1 with permanent internet access so I'm asking this for the group
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Re: A queetion for my possible group?

Postby Sigtrygg » Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:50 am

You take them to the nearest Imperial base and have them re-registered to the players as legitimate owners due to battlefield prize/salvage law.

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