How would it work?

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How would it work?

Postby JMISBEST » Sun May 27, 2018 7:39 pm

I want to do A Traveller Campaign using A Variation of Code Lyoko based on my Dreams and use A Alternate Reality Xanna in whose Reality he was his realities greatest force for god, Hopper and Aleita where, to use A DAD Term, Chaotic Lawful and The Lyoko Warriors misguided and Xanna subjicated his reality and 59 others over 51 years (2,011 to 2,062) mostly by sending loyalist 21st century Soldiers back to Norman Times with A Copy of his AL to conquer the world then having his AL rule until time caught up to modern times and did so cos he honestly thought he was and by 2,43 was the best possible ruler for all of existence and The Lyoko Warriors used A TL 17 Trap Program from what would have been and cos of these changes was The 3rd Imperium Year 1,230 to trap him in null-space between 2,058 and 2,066. But via his almost demi-god powers he ensured that he materialized a copy of himself that fathered a child that centuries or even mellinium from 2,058 would find A Way into Null-Space, merge with him and retake his empire of at least 3,000 worlds per reality across 60 realities

How should I use this dream Xanna based character who only did minor evil to acconplish great good, in his day was the greatest, kindest, most pure and most generous ruler in history but if he's breed mellenium of not existing in Nothing will make him a worse ruler then someone that combines the worst bits of Hitler, Stalin and Bin Laden
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Re: How would it work?

Postby ShawnDriscoll » Sun May 27, 2018 8:30 pm

One of those years is off by a decade. So the whole premise is shot, I'm afraid.

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