Drinax Treasure Ship questions (spoilers)

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Drinax Treasure Ship questions (spoilers)

Postby MonkeyX » Mon May 14, 2018 10:19 pm

My group are just about to get to the point where Salvades is going to make his move and take the ship into Irontooths ambush. A few questions:
Salvades goes up to the officers quarters, then back down to the marine armory, out the airlock and then through the upper launch door into the bridge. Why? If he’s going up to the officers deck anyway why not use that airlock to skip across to the launch door already having equipped himself. Even more so why even use the airlock? The ladder up to the bridge area is right next to the armory. I assumed it was to avoid security lockouts on the door but Hanshaw is also in on the plan and would presumably have access to the launch there.

Also, Hanshaw’s name is misspelled Henshaw in the engineer Talis write up and the bridge crew Salvades kills are said to be Pilot Smith and Habinar. I assume this is supposed to be a misspelled Halibnar even though they stayed behind on Arunisiir. I believe co-pilot Ashen is more likely a target.
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Re: Drinax Treasure Ship questions (spoilers)

Postby ochd » Sat May 19, 2018 10:31 am

Assuming, as the adventure writer says, that a marine walking to the top decks in battle dress is the very definition of drawing attention to oneself, then Salvedes would wait to put his battle dress on until immediately before storming the bridge, and not before seeking out Laffitt.

My reading of the Martin II deck plans is that the ladder from the crew deck to the flight deck is about 25 metres from the armoury and separated by an iris valve. The crew deck airlock, however, is right next to the armoury. Therefore, there is less chance of Salvedes being seen by other crew if he goes via the outside of the ship. I expect opening the airlock would make something flash on the flight deck systems, but maybe Henshaw would make sure that is not noticed.


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