3 things

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3 things

Postby JMISBEST » Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:03 am

I have 3 questions. Can you help?

Can you design me A Version of The 200-Ton Star Ray Class Interceptor that masses at least 4,400 tons, carries at least 20 10-ton Fighters, has at least a 146 ton Cargo Bay, is capable of at least Jump 1 and Thrust 2 and has weapons and armour that are heavy for its size for a budget of Cr 4,422,800,000

If my Uber Empire, that are not definitely going to be Humanoid warm-blooded Reptiles that can breathe underwater and evolved from Reptiles like some-say we did, biggest none-unique Frigate is 155,000 tons and has 5 bigger unique designs created for 1-off missions and kept cos of their power, usefulness and potential what size would you suggest for the 5 bigger designs

What would you suggest would be The Minimum, Maximum and average costs for moving The Class B Starport that's in a asteroid and belonged to a infamous pirate 100 years ago, and for getting it fully uo and running, partically to the point of being able to build ships massing up to 2,700 tons each and massing a total of up to 16,000 tons

I know I've seemingly designed far bigger ships for my Uber Empire. But in truth all I've done is work out rough sizes, stats up their TL 15 to 25 weapons, pit them against foes and hope it works out. Can you please help me?
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Re: 3 things

Postby Hakkonen » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:25 am

1) What do you mean, "a version?" I'm not familiar with the Star Ray, specifically, but 200 tons is either a very heavy fighter or an armed courier (not even a frigate). Something 22 times that size won't be "a version" of it, it'll be a completely different beast.

2) No one says humans evolved from reptiles. No one who knows anything about the subject, at any rate.

3) What kind of "one-off" missions are you talking about? What sort of task can't be handled by a frigate, destroyer, cruiser, or squadron of same?

4) Handwave it. Seriously. Pick a number that sounds big and run with it. This is far, far beyond the normal scope of the game; and in any event, why is it important?

Your questions just get weirder and weirder.
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Re: 3 things

Postby Reynard » Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:03 pm

I can see the term Interceptor, as JM is using it, as a craft that hunts enemy craft with great prejudice. It's overkill to make sure the target isn't likely to get away. Not sure why you also need such a big cargo hold especially with that specific size.

"Frigate: A small but powerful warship, the role of a frigate is to roam space away from a fleet, patrolling borders and attacking commerce."

I think what you have is what's referred to as a very large capital ship.

Just so I understand, are you suggesting moving an asteroid interplanetary or interstellar? The second is possible but the jump engine would be economically problematic. In system, just determine the size of the asteroid then use Highguard to create a maneuver drive to make it mobile. I doubt someone would build a humongous ship to move the port asteroid once. Then again, a B starport is very big. Use the Space Station rules and follow what a station needs to be a Class B and use the asteroid hull option then add a drive to it.
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Re: 3 things

Postby RogerMc » Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:15 am

I think your constant stream of questions reflect that whatever game you think you are playing has gone far, far beyond the capacity of Traveller to model it.

From the beginning default Traveller is about a small group of people with maybe one small starship having small-scale adventures out in the stars.

Very occasionally those adventures might intersect with events deciding the fate of empires but they do so like a pebble starting an avalanche not the other way round.

Even in the Pirates of Drinax you start out with a tiny little warship that barely qualifies as a corvette and you can only build a pocket empire because that backward little corner of space is of no great importance to the big imperial powers it fringes upon.

You are basically playing the wrong game at the wrong scale and there is nothing useful we can tell you on a forum devoted to this game.

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