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Stats, costs, ideas and suggestions

Postby JMISBEST » Fri Mar 16, 2018 5:09 pm

For a fun way to raise money for charity my new group decided to play Pirates of Drinax none-stop, other then for toilets, drinks and meals, until at least 5 of the 6 of us where too tired to continue. Great fun

What I want to ask you if this. The characters recovered The 50,000 ton Super-Freighter The Yarrow and want to use as much of The Cr 2.806 Billion they earned over a few hours past 5 days of none-playing playing and roughly 49.3 in-game years to make it as heavy A Carrier as possible to be their Capital Ship in Finale. They already have The 8,000 Ton Ritchey that I class as A Super-Light Capital Ship and The 30,000 Super Heavy Freighter that they cashed in The Nobles Cr 536.9 Million Portfoliio to convert into A Fairly Heavt Cruiser that Zhodani-manipulated traitors netted them in Adventure 6, so that's 3 Guaranteed Capital Ships and The Pcs, The regular Drinax System Defence Ships and Drinax's Royal Guard alone can muster 281 ships worth 412 Fighting Dice

So suggestions for Plans and costs for converting The Yarrow, which masses 50,000 tons, into as heavy A Carrier as posaible with Cr 2.806 and for 1 or both of Aslan and Imperial Fleets that can stand up to A Drinax Alliance of at least 284 hips that has at least 412 Fighting Dice and at least 3 Capital Ships

I know I went too easy on them. But 2 have been very close friends for more then 10 years, 1's a ex girlfriend, 1's a current girlfriend and 1's my youngest blood relation of my generation, and combined with being at least a little drunk throughput and I was way too easy on them

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