Pirates of Drinax - Crew Shares

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Pirates of Drinax - Crew Shares

Postby alexhickman » Mon Mar 05, 2018 10:19 am


I was wondering how the crew shares are supposed to work with regards to money for ship repairs and upgrades. As written, the spoils are split between the crew, but who pays for upgrades? Take the following example:

7mcr cargo taken, fenced at 30% for 2.1mcr cash value. King Oleb takes 10%, 210000cr, leaving 1.89mcr. This is then split between a Captain, 3 Officers, and 7 crew members, totalling 18 crew shares. Each share is worth 105000cr. (A marine, paid 1000cr a month, makes 8.75 years wages, in about 2 hours work, that seems a little excessive?). The ship was damaged during the heist, are the officers (or the captain on his own) expected to pay for the running costs and repairs, and also the ongoing upgrades to the harrier?

Now I can see that the maintainence and fuel is perfectly reasonable to deduct before splitting. The crew would expecting that, but I think they would balk at the captain depriving them of eight years wages, so he can spend it on wood panelling and gold leaf. On the other hand if the players are expected to fund that themselves, the rate of upgrades are going to really slowed.

How have you dealt with it?

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Re: Pirates of Drinax - Crew Shares

Postby DickTurpin » Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:16 pm

I would have to re-read the terms specified by Oleb to clarify how he expected overhead costs to be paid, but baring specific language that disallows it, I would distribute shares (even Oleb's) based on net income rather than gross.

Of course, even if Oleb specifically said he gets paid first and the characters are responsible for fuel, life support, salaries, and maintenance, the crew could just give him the finger and do what they want. What's he going to do about it without any jump capable ships of his own?
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Re: Pirates of Drinax - Crew Shares

Postby steve98052 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:44 pm

Plunder shares are not necessarily divided equally. For example, it wouldn't be unreasonable to grant a captain three shares, other officers two, and common crew one. Or captain five, other officers four, senior crew three, and junior crew two. Maybe there would be an extra share granted for valor to a common crew member by vote of the whole crew, or a pool of extra valor shares.

The fence's share and probably the king's share should come off the top. Ship overhead should too.

Capital expenses (ship upgrades) could come off the top, subject to a vote of the crew on whether they agree that it is like to improve their chances of bigger prizes later.

Alternatively, the captain might raise money for capital expenses through shares. Say the captain wants 1 MCr in upgeades. Twenty crew members kick in 50k each for a 5% share of the upgrade. Each gets an extra share of the booty until their contributions are paid back, but if the upgrade is destroyed they share the pain by losing the balance of their contributions. They can sell their shares to other crew at any agreed price, likely around half of the value remaining.

Stiffing the king out of his share might be attempted, but it's a bad idea. He may have spies aboard who know what's going on, or maybe a telepath spy he employs during audiences. And if you cross the king, you lose a safe port, a good place to fence loot, and gain an enemy.

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